15th August

A dragonfly on a branch

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I hope that you are all enjoying you summer holidays.

In February I sent you a picture of a twig on my apple tree:  dry and dead looking

Now the promise of change has turned into leaves and fruit.

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Some of you may have grown taller in this time and are now needing longer trousers and dresses.

Some older folk, like myself, may be battling with sidewise growth and a need for taking care in what we eat.

God encourages growth in plants and people. We grow physically, but we also grow in understanding.

God loves us as we are but wants us to grow, especially in our relationship with him. We need to talk to him and listen to him. We need to thank him and marvels at his creation.

To do

Go outside and look at the plants, with all the lovely leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Can you draw a picture of the flowers you like best?
Really look at shapes and colours.


Thank you, God, for your amazing world.
Thank you that we can see the amazing detail in plants and animals.

Thank you, Jesus, for teaching us how to live and share your love with others.

Bless those of us that are travelling and those of us who are at home.

(which means yes, yes, yes)

News and dates:

Thank you to those of you who have come to the last 2 Messy Churches.

We are changing Messy Church from the 1st Sunday of each month to the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Please put these dates in your diaries and come and join us on:

19th September

17th  October

21st November

19th December

We can now meet in the hall and have Messy Church as we did before COVID. We still need be aware keeping one another safe with hand sterilizing  etc.

NB its much more fun when we have several families sharing Messy Church together.

Bring your friends !

Love from Joy and the Messy Church Team