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13th September 20

Home Messy Church 13th September 


How did the first week back at school go? 
Did you all need new uniforms?
I’m sure you grew in the months off school.

Some of you went back to work too.

I have been thinking about the amazing world that God has made. 

Spend a bit of time looking at a leaf
or a flower or an insect or animal or person
and be amazed at the detail that God has put into His creation. 

Say “Thank you, God for all the wonders of the world.  
And thank you that you are always with us.” 

God made the land
God made the sea
God made fishes
And God made me
God made the sky
God made a tree
God made birds
And God made me 

 God made crocodiles
God made the bee
God made elephants
And God made me 

God made people both large and small
God made bugs that creep and crawl
Thank you God, 
                           You made us all! 

I had a letter from Linda
about the refugees in Wakefield to say that 
“For Christmas this year we are looking for toiletries for all ages – people are given the basics,  but nothing like deodorant or conditioner and they don’t get children’s shampoo, so anything like that would be appreciated. We will still welcome the knitting,
socks etc. any time you can get them over to Wakefield.” 

May God bless you all and keep you safe
as you hold his hand and step into week two of the school year. 

Joy and the Messy Church Team