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 Some of you decorated eggs: Here is George’s egg. 

Well done!

Some of you helped Imran to paint the tomb for the Easter garden in church.

As you can see it is lovely.

Talk about:

Did you eat some Easter eggs?

My daughter visited and brought us 2 eggs that had been laid on Sunday morning by her hens.

We ate them for our tea.

Did you have a chocolate egg that was hollow?

Eggs remind us of new life, hollow eggs remind us of the empty tomb.


Mary went to the tomb early on Sunday morning after Jesus had died. She found the stone rolled away, so she ran back to Jesus’s friends, Peter and John, and told them that Jesus’s body was gone.

They ran to the garden to see. They went into the tomb and saw the grave clothes neatly in place, but Jesus wasn’t there.

Mary looked into the tomb and saw an angel, who said “He’s not here. He is alive!

Mary was crying and saw someone she thought was the gardener. She said, “Where have you put him?” Then she heard his voice saying “Mary” and she saw that it was Jesus, who was alive again. She ran to tell his friends. “He is alive”.

Make a picture of flowers. 

Try making flowers with fingerprints.


Cut out flower shapes from bight coloured paper like magazines.


Thank you, God for all the lovely flowers in our gardens and parks.

Thank you, God for sending Jesus to us to teach us how to live in your love and to die and to rise again.  “He is alive! Hallelujah!

Help us to share your love with those around us.

May God bless you as you enjoy your school holidays, and being able to spend time with more folk outside.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church Team