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God gave us this wonderful world. Try to imagine the vast variety of animals and plants. Like us, they need good conditions to grow well – human actions often clash with this.
We need to do our part in caring for God’s world.

Over a period of time, I have been pleased with amount of plastic that I put into the green bin and feel good about it being recycled.


This week there have again been news items on the amount of our “recyclable “rubbish that gets shipped off to poorer countries. They can generally only deal with it by burning or burying it, in other words damaging our world, but not in our backyard.

A challenge for you:

How much plastic comes into your home in a week?
Is any of it recyclable?

Can you as a family change something to be more eco-friendly.?

Barbie made from recycled plastic headed for ocean Mattel Please let me know what you plan to do.

Or buy things that are made from recycled plastic, like of Barbie dolls made out of recycled plastic that would have ended up in the oceans.

Craft : Make something useful out of plastic bottles  Please be careful that you don’t have sharp edges where the bottle has been cut. You could tape the edges with electrical tape.


Dear God, we’re sorry about our part in damaging you lovely world.
Please help us to do what we can to decrease the amount of plastic that we use and throw away. 

Dates for your diary:

We will be having Messy Church at 3.30pm on the first Sunday of each month: We will meet in the garden if we can. Please join us.

4th July
1st August
5th September

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team