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This Sunday is Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday in the church calendar.

In years gone by young people often left home in their early teens to work as staff in the big houses. On Mothering Sunday, they had a day off to go to the church where they had been baptised. Then they had could spend the day with their mothers and the rest of the family.

At the Morley Central Methodist Church, we have a Cradle Roll on the wall with the names of children baptised or those who have had a Thanks Giving services here.   Some of you will have been baptised at other churches. Your parents brought you to church to say, “Thank you to God for you as a special child” and said that they would help you to grow up knowing about God and his love of each of us.  The congregation is asked to support the parents of the child being baptised.

This is why we have Messy Church and why I send out cards for baptism anniversaries, birthdays etc, to the children on the bottom of our Cradle Roll.

During the baptism service we say: “We love God because he first loved us. “

This Sunday morning, I will be asking the congregation to pray for the children on our Cradle Roll and for those who have come to Messy Church. So, please know that we will be praying for you.

Who would you like to hug?

This year has been odd. We have not been able to hug folk who don’t live in our homes with us.

Your hands and arms are unique to you. Your hug is unique – only your hug fits around special people as it does

Draw around each of your hands or make hand prints with paint. 
Cut the hands out and add details like nails and finger joints.
Cut two strips of A4 paper and join them together to make arms. Fold the arms concertina -wise and attach the hands.
Write a message to someone who needs a hug. Give them a paper hug with your love!



Thank you, God, for loving each of us unconditionally.

Thank you that Jesus took the children in his arms and blessed them. We can imagine ourselves as those loved children.

Thank you for our mothers and their love.

Help us to share your love with others by smiling at them, doing something kind for them or sending them a paper-hug.

Have a good week and a lovely time celebrating Mother’s Day.


Joy and the Messy Church Team