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I hope you and your family are staying well.
Please let me know if any are ill and need our prayers.

Talk about:

Have you ever been up mountains or hills and seen big areas of solid rock?
Have you ever seen a cave in real life or on the TV?
Have you ever felt afraid and been very glad to run into your house and shut the door?

King David of Israel was one of Jesus’ ancestors.
Look at his family tree in Matthew 1 verses 1-18 (New Testament)
When David was being threatened by his enemies he felt very alone and afraid on the rough hillside. Then he spotted a cave and slipped into it. He now had solid rock around him where no-one could see him or get to him.  He was very grateful to be safe.  This must have happened many times in his life.
David wrote many hymns to God to say thank you for being his rock and safety.
David wrote many other hymns of praise and thanks. 
In many he just tells God exactly how he feels and usually ends with thanks.
We can read these hymns in the book of Psalms in the Old Testament, all psalms show the writer’s name, usually next to the title.


Look in your garden or when you’re out for a walk, for a pebble.
Pick it up and hold it in your hand. Choose one that feels good to hold.
What does it look like: What colour is it? Has it got patterns on it?
What does it feel like: hard or soft? smooth or rough?
Can you break it?

Hold your pebble in your hand while we pray:

This pebble was once a part of a bigger rock
Thank you, God for being our rock and safe place
Help us to ask you for help when we feel afraid or worried.
Today I am worried about………..
please help us, God.

Thank you for the many times you have helped us in the past and for all the blessings you have given us :

like a warm bed, food to eat, people who love us ……….

May you be aware of God’s Love in all that happens in this week.

May you feel safe in his love.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team.