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To talk about:

  • What are your favourite animals?
  • What are your favourite plants?

God’s world is amazing, and we’re spoiling it big time.

I have been learning more about recyclable plastic and trying to decrease the amount of one-use plastic that comes into our home and then goes into the recycling bin. I felt quite good about how much I was recycling, until I started reading about how much of our recyclable plastic is shipped out to poorer countries for them to dispose of.  Usually by means of burning it.  This is a health risk for all living nearby, and adds Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the air – more global warming.

This week Green Peace dumped 625Kg of plastic rubbish on the Prime Minster’s doorstep to protest against the UK shipping this amount of plastic to poorer countries at a rate of 625Kg every 30 seconds.

What can one person do?  

I have choices: I can say It’s too big a problem, and just  give up  …


I can do what I can to lessen my contribution to the problem and to support the protests.

If each family makes this choice and does something positive, we will be working for the good of God’s world.

Some good news this week:

That the first beaver was born in the wild in the UK for 400 years and he has been name Rushford.

That a seal named Mrs Vicar was rescued from a choking collar of plastic and nursed back to health.


What can your family do to help God’s world and decrease the damage we are doing?

Rethink, find plastic free alternatives… reuse, recycle….

Find some more “Good News” stories about what others are doing.


Look around your home and  make a planter out of junk. Remember you need to make some holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out. Plant some seeds – flowers, veg and care for them.


God we are sorry for our part in the destruction of your beautiful world.

Please help us to learn more about your world and to do something positive to help you.

Thank you to all who contributed to Imran’s card for bid farewell.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team