Home Messy Church 18th October


I hope you are all well and happy with school and work.

I want to remind you that the Christmas story ends with King Herod wanting to kill baby Jesus. So, when Jesus was very little, he and Joseph and Mary, had to leave Bethlem and go to Egypt to be safe.

Jesus was a refugee for the first years of his life.

We see pictures of refugees and asylum seekers on the TV.

Some of the asylum seekers come to Wakefield, as a City of Sanctuary. They are then settled throughout Yorkshire.

Linda is a volunteer with Asylum Seekers Support Fund. She has confirmed that they need good second- hand clothing for men, women and children, especially warm clothes.

For the past 4 years, we have given them Christmas cards and gifts, including money.

This year we will collect toiletries for children and adults, plus useful things like new nickers and socks for all ages.  Good second-hand warm clothes too.

Do you have a gran who could knit scarves or mittens?

We can make Christmas cards at our Zoom Messy Church on 1st November and set up ways to collect your donations and then take them to Wakefield.

This is a way for us to help some of God’s children this Christmas. Will you join us?


Thank you, God for our homes and for warm clothing to wear when it is cold outside.

Thank you, that you love each of us and everyone in your world.

Please help us to think of others:

* who are finding life difficult, because they have had to run away from their homes and the violence of war.
* who are lonely and afraid here in Morley, because of COVID

who we know…..

May God bless you all.

May you know that Jesus will be with you if you are afraid or sad, as well as when your happy.

Talk to him.

Love from

Joy and the Messy Church Team