Home Messy Church 20/09/20


Think about God who made the universe and all of us.

Here’s a song for you to read or sing :https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2y9wn0

God who made the universe,

the earth the sun the moon and stars

has a place in his heart for me

from the beginning till the end,

God will always be my friend,

so I can jump and shout cause

God loves me!

God’s love is big,  God’s love is great

God’s love is fab and he’s my mate

God’s love surrounds me every day

and I love to sing and say:

God’s love is big, God’s love is strong

God’s love goes on and on and on..

God’s love surrounds me every day

and I love to sing and say: God loves me wehey!

Since before the world began God knew me and

had a plan for my life and how I’m gonna be

he sent Jesus to be my friend
to show his love will never end,
so, I can jump and shout ‘cos God loves me!

(Pray with us:)
Thank you, Jesus that you are always with us.
Even when we don’t recognise You.

Thank you for time together as a family.
Please bless……..

Please be close to folk who are poorly or afraid and give them your peace.

Please show us what you want us to do to shine Your light: a smile, a card, a kind word..

candles1Bless you each one as you Go out into God’s world to shine your light for Jesus.

Are you happy to send the refugees toiletries for Christmas?
Start gathering some for December.

Love from the Messy Church Team