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Our story title in Hieroglyphs

Use the keyboard to read the title – note that e’s and i’s are the same

Talk about:

҉ – Have you ever wanted to be a prince or princess?
҉ – What do you think princes and princesses do all day?
҉ – Would princes and princesses have to do schoolwork?
҉ – How would you feel if God told you to talk to the Queen or the Prime Minster?
҉ – Do you remember the story about Moses in the basket that we had last week?


Moses grew up as an Egyptian prince. He had a lot to learn and probably spent most of his time being trained to be a leader.  Later, Moses found out that he wasn’t an Egyptian prince, but that he  was really one of the Hebrew slave people.

One day when he had grown up, he saw a slave master ill treating a slave. Moses was so angry that he killed the slave master. He was in a lot of trouble and had to run away.  

He went all the way to Midian (look at the map), where he became a shepherd.

Map portion showing the eastern Mediterranean:

Egypt in green (why?),
journey as a brown line

Moses really wanted to get far away from Egypt.

His journey to Midian was probably between 300 and 400 miles.

One day he saw a strange bush that was covered in flames, but not burning.

He went nearer and then he heard God speaking to him.  “Go and rescue my people from slavery. You must go to Pharaoh (the Egyptian King) and tell him to let them go free.”

Moses said “No, no !  I wouldn’t be able to do that, I’m not good at speaking.”

God said: “Go and I will help you. Your brother Aaron is coming to find you. Go quickly and meet him. He will help you too.”


Make a sheep out of scrap material like a toilet roll with cotton wool or out of vegetables – choose something e.g. a potato and beans or lettuce bits for ears…………. .

Make or draw a picture of Moses and the burning bush,

Idea for Moses’ picture

Make a burning bush:

Idea for the bush


1 Which country did Moses grow up in?

2 When he ran away to Midian. What job did he do?

3 What sign did God use to tell Moses about the job he wanted him to do?

4 Moses had a brother. What his name?

5 Who did Moses and his brother visit in Egypt?

Have you translated the title of the story?


Imran took a car load of things, including games and puzzles to the refugees in Wakefield.
Linda has said thank you


Thank you, God, for our families and the way we can help one another.
Thank you, God, for your love.
Please God bless all older people who are alone and longing for family hugs and company.
Give them patience and peace

Add your own prayers now:

Please God ……….


May God bless you, as we gradually come out of lockdown.
May he keep us cheerful and patient.
Have fun!

Love from
Joy and the Messy Church Team.