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I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas.

We call the time from this Sunday to Christmas “Advent”.

Many of you will have Advent calendars, where you open one little door every day till Christmas.

We all know that waiting is difficult. I hope you can go gently and carefully into opening JUST ONE every day.

The Old Testament Israelites waited for their Messiah, also referred to as Immanuel, “God is with us.”

In Advent we are waiting for Jesus’s birth. He came to set us right with God. 

In church we light another candle each week, until we have lit 4.  Then on Christmas day, we light the middle candle to celebrate Jesus.

Several of you have helped with decorating of the church. Thank you. It is going to be open for folk to visit from the 3rd Dec. I’ll give you more details next week.


  • Thank you God, for giving us Jesus, your son.
  • Thank you God, for loving us and wanting us to get to know you better.
  • Thank you that you have given us people to love and care for, especially ……
  • Please help us to remember that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and include him in our planning, giving and fun.

May God bless you all as we wait for CHRISTmas.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team.