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I hope you are looking forward to the half term holiday and that you will have plenty of fun.

Our time of COVID has made us feel less confident that life will always be smooth and easy. God has said, “Do not fear”, and will help you control fear.

What do you fear/ worry about?

        If we ask Jesus to help us with our fears and anxieties, he will help.

Just as a child puts his/her hand trustingly in an adult’s hand, so we can turn to Jesus and ask him to help and guide us.

Look at the size of your hands compared to other hands in your family.

Whose hands are biggest and whose is smallest?

Craft: Draw around your hand and around a hand bigger or smaller than yours. Cut them out.  Decorate the hands and fasten the smaller hand onto the bigger one. Write a prayer to God to say “Thank you” for his love and help.


Messy Church on Sunday the 6thJune will be at 3.30pm at Morley Central Methodist Church.

You are all welcome, but I need to ask you to let me know if you are planning to come. We are still under COVID restrictions and need to prepare worktables for the families attending.

Our risk assessment does acknowledge that small children cannot follow social distancing advice as older folk can.

Come and join us for an hour of fun. NB No food and drinks will be served.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church Team.