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We have had nearly a year of living with COVID?

We have hope that lockdown will end and eventually life will return to normal.

Waiting is very hard, especially when it doesn’t have a define end date.

What can you look forward to this week?

Maybe you’re looking forward to more snow and fun on sleds.

How is your twig doing? Is it changing?  Send me a photo if you are seeing some changes.

Some plants already have tiny green leaves showing.

This is my apple twig covered in snow. What I have noticed is that tips of the twigs are now becoming fatter and shinier.

The apple twig


Thank you, God, that you love us, and that you are always with us.

As we watch and wait for big changes, like the coming of spring, and the end of lockdown, help us to see the small signs that you give us. Thank you for buds and tiny leaves that are promises of change to come.

Please show us how we can work for you to bring hope to those around us, with a smile, a kind word or a little act of kindness.

I look forward to sharing time with some of you on Zoom at 3.30pm.

Please let me know if you want to join us.   You are all welcome.

Have some plain paper, crayons or pens, and a pair of scissors available.

We will have a story about 2 people who waited a long, long time for someone very special.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team.