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I have just been out to the garden:
My twig of apple tree hasn’t changed at all, but I found some other signs of spring to encourage me.

This is a rose bush with new leaves, and primulas and irises that are flowering.

I’ll keep watching my apple twig and wait patiently for it to begin to grow. I do know that spring and summer will come, just like lockdown and some return to normality will eventually come to us too. I will be very pleased when I can have a hair cut.

What do you see in your garden or when you’re out for a walk?

It is a bit warmer out and we should be seeing more birds around.
Do you feed the birds in your garden?


  • Thank you, God for the signs of spring and change. Help us to look for signs of change and give us patience as we wait for warmer weather and for  lockdown slowly changing.
  • Thank you that as we go into new freedoms, like back to school and seeing our friends again,  we know that you are always with us.
  • Please help us to take your love to others.

We will be having a Zoom get-together this Sunday, 7th March at 3.30pm

Please let me know if you’re going to join us.

We are going to make a special greeting card for those we love and want to hug.

You will need at least 2 sheets of paper, and pens, pencils, glue or sticky tape or a stapler and a pair of scissors.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church Team