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We’re in lockdown again. Has this made much difference to your lives yet?

The children still at school, must impact on you. Does it feel good to have them in a routine?

Are you on furlough again or can you work from home or workplace?

We are praying for all of you. Please let us know of concerns or things that have worked out well, so that we can be more specific in our prayers.

I would just like to confirm that

God does answer prayer.

I urge you to pray.

Just say Thank you and be specific.

Also ask Him about something that is bothering you: It might be something that seems have been mislaid or something you’re fearful about.

Be specific and then you’ll see the answers to your prayers.

Talk to God as you would to a loving parent.

Children come to you as parents and say “I’m hungry” or “my friend was crying today” or “I lost my other shoe” or I’m sad because…”

You’ll only know if prayer works if you try.

May you find many blessings on the way as you expand your prayer-life.

In the dark days of November and into winter, candles are a good symbol of God’s love for us.  Jesus said that “He is the light of the world. “

Craft:   Make a picture of a candle with crayons, pens or paint. Make sure you candle is lit.

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This could make a Christmas card. If you want to make cards for the refugees, please write inside your card   and let me know,  so that we can send them on to Wakefield.

Remember to take you light of love to those around you.

Sing This Little Light of Mine.

Love from Joy and the Messy Church Team