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Happy Easter!

Jesus came to teach us how to live- in God’s love.

Talk about 
Eggs, rabbits, lambs and seeds, which remind us of new life.

On a sheet of paper draw a happy face and a sad face for the story 🙂 😢

A story for you:

The Easter story has happy parts and sad parts. (Point to the right faces.)

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, when we remembered Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the donkey while the crowd shouted “Hallelujah!” (that was a happy time)

This Friday is Good Friday when we remember that Jesus was arrested and put on a cross to die. (sad)

He was put in a tomb in a garden. A big rock was rolled across the doorway.  Everyone was very sad.

But wait:

On Sunday morning some women went to the tomb and found the stone rolled away.

They were worried and upset because Jesus wasn’t there. (still sad)

An angel said “Don’t be afraid. Jesus isn’t here, He is alive!”     (happy)

You will find “don’t be afraid “ in many Bible stories, and this is the best Bible story of all

They ran back to tell Jesus’s friends.  They were very happy too and with them we can shout “Halleluela! Jesus has risen”( happy, so jump and shout.)

See the u tube video story of Easter   https://youtu.be/lTmbTuutBgg

        black line drawing easter eggs with ribbons

To Do:

Decorate a hard boiled egg (Make sure it is properly cooked through – place the eggs in a saucepan of water and give them at least 10 minutes after the water comes to the boil.)

Use felt tip pens: to make a face or just do patterns in different colours (remember less is better with felt tips or your hands and everything else will be covered in colour).

Stickers also work well or glue pieces of paper doily on to your egg.

I would love to have a picture of your eggs when they’re ready.

Now challenge yourselves to carry the eggs on a spoon across the lawn or along an obstacle course. One of the big people in the family could use a stopwatch to see how quickly you can do the course while balancing your egg. Then you can see if you can do better the next time.

If you have a slope in the garden or a piece of cardboard that could be made into a ramp to roll the eggs down.

If the eggs have survived intact, you could have egg sandwiches for tea.


“Thank you that you love us and that you’re always with us, when we’re happy and when we’re sad”.

“Thank you, Jesus that you came to us and died for us”.

“Thank you, Jesus that you give us people to love. Help us to “let our little lights shine for you”

Love from Joy and the Messy Church team

NB there won’t be a zoom meeting this Sunday – just enjoy being with your family