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We started Zoom Messy Church on the 4th October, with 5 of us having fun together.

We hope to run Zoom Messy Church every month on the first Sunday at 3.30pm.

Please put these dates in your diaries:

1st November

6th December

3rd January 2021

And come and join us on Zoom.

I hope you are staying well.

This is what we did on Zoom.  
I’d like you to be able to join in by:

Craft :

Coin rubbings: Put a coin under a piece of white paper and rub firmly over it with a wax crayon or pencil and watch for the coin’s image to appear. Do different coins and enjoy their shapes

Cut out 5 or 6 coins and out them onto a strip of sticky tape and put them on your forehead


In Israel in the time of Jesus coins had holes in the middle. 

When a woman got married her father gave her some coins and she wore them on a string around her head. These coins were very important to her. They were her dowry – money that was that belonged to her,  in case she had troubles later. A bit like an insurance policy

Jesus told the story of a woman who had 10 coins and lost one.  She was very upset. She hunted through the house. Imagine her using her broom and lighting a little lamp to help her to find it.  Imagine one of her neighbours coming in to ask what was happening.  She would have told them about her lost coin and how unhappy she was.

She finally found. It had rolled in behind a cupboard.

She was very, very happy and ran outside to tell her neighbours that she had found her coin. They had a party to celebrate that her coin had been found.

Jesus said that that’s what its like when one of us gets lost from God and is found again. God throws a party with the angels to celebrate.

So, remember that you’re very special to God.


Thank you, God for all good things in our lives, people who we love and who love us. Thank you especially for ……

Please God, look after people who are lonely and afraid, especially…..

Help us to shine for others and make them glad.

May God bless you in all you do this week.


Joy and the Messy Church team.