Messy Church News for 21 11 21


I writing to remind you about Messy Church on Sunday 21st November at 3.30pm in the Church Hall.

Please put the date on your calendar and come along.

We will be going out to follow the Nativity Trail in the Morley shop windows.

Please bring your coats and other warm clothing. It will be cold out.

Don’t bring any food!

We’ll provide rolls and sausages/ cheese , fruit and biscuits and drinks.

We will also be completing our gifts for the Refugees and Asylum seekers in Wakefield, so please bring something for someone less fortunate than yourself

They need new socks and knickers for all sizes, boys and girls, and good 2nd hand warm clothes for children too.
Colouring -in and puzzle books, especially those with simple English words and pictures. Pencils/ crayons/ pens also useful.
Or anything else you would like to get in their circumstances like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand cream…..

There is so much on the news at present about the Climate change conference.

The President of Barbados said on behalf island nations “If we do nothing, you will be uncomfortable, but the island nations will die.”

Have you tried calculating your family’s carbon footprint
Do it as a family. Then make some decisions about what you could do to help heal God’s world.

Individual changes to decrease our footprint don’t seem to us to have much impact, but if each family moves another step along in the right direction, we will make a difference.

Each family member could draw around an autumn leaf and write something on each leaf that you will start doing now.
Put them up in the kitchen to remind yourself what you have promised.


God, forgive us for our greed and selfishness that has caused the climate crisis.
Help us each to do our bit to heal your world.

Love from

Joy and the Messy Church team