The importance of one’s religion often rests on how we handle the doubts attending the structural parts of our beliefs: right from “Is there a God” and “If there is, why is so this God so hard to find?”. “Is the relationship between the human and God altogether one-sided, or is our contribution valued?” OR “What is the Bible, must every word of it be hallowed?”

This part of the website will develop, perhaps in a haphazard way, a journey through these and similar questions in attempt to get away from the conventional practices of Christendom.

This part of the website will grow as the above and more questions are considered.

The arguments and views will be presented so as to invite debate: once several opinions have been returned, they will be sympathetically treated and a multi-cornered debate begun.

The Methodist logo of a white cross on a red field.
Serving Jesus and welcoming others

Methodism is a “Broad Church denomination”

consequently recourse to John Wesley’s way of working through questions and theological matters will be employed – in other words, we will begin each journey by testing the ideas inherent in our question against a series of questions:

* Is it Biblical?

* Is it in line with Godly experience?

* What opinion(s) do trusted fellow Christians have?

* Does the discipline of it reflect Jesus commands?