Home Worship 11 4 21

Light a candle as a reminder of Jesus keeping you company Alleluia! Christ is risen!He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Hymn 462 Come with me, come wander,come welcome the worldwhere strangers might smileor stones may be hurled;come leave what you cling to,lay down what you clutchand find, with hands empty,that hearts can hold much. Sing hey […]

Home Messy Church 11 04 21

Hi  Some of you decorated eggs: Here is George’s egg.  Well done! Some of you helped Imran to paint the tomb for the Easter garden in church. As you can see it is lovely. Talk about: Did you eat some Easter eggs? My daughter visited and brought us 2 eggs that had been laid on […]

Home Worship at Easter

Easter Sunday Call to worship Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia! This Easter day, we gather to worship, to give thanks, to celebrate life, resurrection, hope and the triumph of all that is good over all that is evil. Let us join together in celebration![1] Hymn: 313 1      Thine be the glory,risen, conquering […]

Home Messy Church at EASTER

Hi Happy Easter! Jesus came to teach us how to live- in God’s love. Talk about Eggs, rabbits, lambs and seeds, which remind us of new life. On a sheet of paper draw a happy face and a sad face for the story   A story for you: The Easter story has happy parts and sad parts. […]

Home Messy Church 28 03 21

Hi   This Sunday is called “Palm Sunday” Palm trees grow in warm countries and have big fan-like leaves. Talk about : Have you ever been in a crowd watching a parade? It’s exciting to be part of a crowd who are happy and enjoying a parade and joining in as it goes past. The […]

Palm Sunday 28 03 21

Call to worship Still our minds, O God, and focus our hearts on you.Open us up, that the words we say and hear, the songs we sing and listen to,The prayer we share together, might enable us to encounter your Spirit again today. Amen.[1] Hymn: 44   Come on and celebratehis gift of love, we […]

Home Messy Church 21 03 21

Hi I see many signs of spring. My garden has become colourful with daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops. My apple twig looks very much like it was 6 weeks ago, so I’ll keep watching it. What signs of spring have you seen? Do you have a veggie and/or a flower garden? Last year Ben and his […]

Home Worship 21/03/21

Light a candle as a sign of God’s especial presence in this act of worship Call to worship Let us meet with the Lord, let us follow the Christ, let us be filled with the Spirit,Today and everyday. Amen.[1] Hymn: 46 STF  Everlasting God,the years go by but you’re unchanging.In this fragile world,you are the […]

Home Messy Church 14 03 21

Hi This Sunday is Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday in the church calendar. In years gone by young people often left home in their early teens to work as staff in the big houses. On Mothering Sunday, they had a day off to go to the church where they had been baptised. Then they had […]