Today’s Worship at 6:00 pm

Today is the thanksgiving for the services from, and farewells to Revds. Imran Malik and Ray Borrett at an open-air event at Morley Central Methodist Church LS27 9EE Today’s Circuit Service is here at 6:00 pm. It is to be held in the open air, so bring a chair. Welcome:  Mrs. Sue Evans (Morley Central) […]

Home Messy Church 18 7 21

HI     To talk about: What are your favourite animals? What are your favourite plants? God’s world is amazing, and we’re spoiling it big time. I have been learning more about recyclable plastic and trying to decrease the amount of one-use plastic that comes into our home and then goes into the recycling bin. I […]

Home Messy Church 11 07 21

Hi Who are the people who love you? Who are the people who do things for you, and make you feel happy? Make yourself a long list of these special people and think how they make you feel. Our minister, Imran will be saying goodbye to us in the morning service on Sunday 18th at 10.30 am. Weve […]

Messy Church 4th July 2021

joy high Thu, 1 Jul, 16:11 (3 days ago) to joy Hi Have you been to the seaside? Have you seen fishermen’s boats going out on the sea to fish? Jesus was walking next to the sea of Galilee in a town called Capernaum.  He called to some men, who were fishermen. They were casting a […]

Home Messy Church 13 06 2021

Hi God gave us this wonderful world. Try to imagine the vast variety of animals and plants. Like us, they need good conditions to grow well – human actions often clash with this.We need to do our part in caring for God’s world. Over a period of time, I have been pleased with amount of […]

Home Worship 6 06 21

For use at home. Opening Prayer Lord, I reach out to you in this act of worship,I know that you reach out to me in your Son, Jesus Christ.I long to worship you in the company of others,yet even alone I know that I can offer you the worship of my heart.Amen. Hymn: Singing the […]

Home Messy Church 6 06 21

Hi I hope you are enjoying your holidays. Remember to say “Thank you” to God and to give God’s love to others around you. Craft:  Draw a picture of yourself with a big smile                                                 and draw someone,                              who would like you to smile at them. Pray: Thank you, God, for your beautiful world.Please help us […]

Home Messy Church 30 05 21

Hi I hope you are looking forward to the half term holiday and that you will have plenty of fun. Our time of COVID has made us feel less confident that life will always be smooth and easy. God has said, “Do not fear”, and will help you control fear. What do you fear/ worry about? […]

Home Worship 30 05 21

We invite you to spend a few moments with God, knowing that other people are sharing this act of worship with you. Call to Worship Be still, and know that God is with you.He is the God who caused creation to burst into being in all its complexity and simplicity.He is the Christ who entered […]

Home Messy Church 23 05 21

Hi Last week I sent you the description below of love from the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 from “The Message” by Eugene Peters. 1 Corinthians 13: The Message Love never gives up.Love cares more for others than for self,Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have,Love doesn’t strut,Doesn’t have a swelled head.Doesn’t force itself on others,Isn’t always “me first”,Doesn’t […]