Home Worship 10 01 21

Light a candle to symbolise Christ’s peace & presence with us as we begin our worship Call to worship As we settle into the rhythm of 2021, we gather in your presence.  As a new week begins, we come to worship you.  As a new service starts, we seek to encounter your grace.As we enter […]

Home Messy Church 10/01/21

Hi Here we are in 2021 and back in lockdown.How are you and your family doing? Last week we talked about the Christmas presents that we received, and those we gave to others.In this week I’ve taken my Christmas cards down and I am enjoying looking at the pictures and messages from friends and family. […]

Home Messy Church 24 12 20

Dear GodPlease help us to stop a moment when preparation for our Christmas makes us lose sight of Jesus, whose birthday we are celebrating.Thank you, Jesus that you come to us as Prince of Peace and healer of relationships. We ask for your peace when family members become wound up and overwhelmed with excitement and […]

Home Worship 27 12 20

Light a candle to symbolise God’s light breaking a new day  Gathering words We move from Bethlehem to Jerusalem today. The child Jesus is taken to the Temple where he is welcomed, not by the authorities, but by Simeon and Anna, devout old people who have watched and waited long for the Messiah. Roots Hymn […]

Messy Home Church 20 12 20

Hi Not long to wait for Christmas! Remember that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday We had a lovely carol service on Sunday. It was special being together and sharing the carols (even if we couldn’t sing along) and enjoying all the lovely lights and stars in church. One of the carols was Little Donkey.  Here are the […]

Home Worship 20 12 20

Light a candle to symbolise God’s light breaking a new day Call to worship Advent God, come amongst us. God of hope, shine your light upon us, flickering, like a candle flame, Advent God, we put our hope in you.Advent God, we put our hope in you. Amen.[1] Hymn: 176 STF    1   Like a […]

Home Messy Church 13 12 20

Hi Yes, I know I’m early this week, that’s because we are having a special short Carol service for Messy Church folk at 2.30 pm on Sunday 13th December at Morley Central Methodist Church. The church looks lovely lit by many lights. We will Come to the open front doors of the church. The church is deemed COVID safe. If we […]